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Anonymous asked: If a girl wanted to fuck you outside would you or nah because you prob wouldn't last as long? Or would you?

Outside? Depends where.

Anonymous asked: No. Horny lmao not silly lol r u kidding

I know, I’m just being silly lol

Anonymous asked: Well you should know to a certain extent if you're good in bed or not. Like have you made a girl squirt, or have you even made a girl orgasm. I think it's like 71% of girls don't orgasm from sex or something like that lol.

I’ve done both those things, but you never know. What you may think is happening or what you’re feeling may not be what the other is

Anonymous asked: Thinking about it makes meeeee _____


Anonymous asked: Yeah he's really good he gets really into it and shit and can go for a really long time 💕

Lol awesome. Whoever this is, I hope it happens again some day!

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Nightruns-1 copy by MaydayDavidD on Flickr.
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"I want us to make each other better."

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Oh and whoever said we’ve fucked before. Answer that other axons question. Am I good or bad?

Anonymous asked: Out of those 23 times how many times did you fuck and make love?

No, you’re mistaken again. I had sex with 23 different women. Some more than once. Like upto 10 times at least. No they weren’t always about making love. I’ve only loved 2 women in my entire life and I could say I made love to them. Idk if they would feel the same way

Anonymous asked: How many girls have you fucked that you think are actually really sexy? Do any stand out in your mind as having a really nice ass or something ?! Off the top of your head haha

Yes of course, they all had something that attracted me in some way. Off the top of my head yeah I can think of a couple girls that had nice assets. But that doesn’t mean much to you

Anonymous asked: My bad. -_________- You weren't very specific when you said 23 women.

It’s all good. I can’t imagine anyone having 23 girlfriends