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I don’t know who this man is but speaks the truth.  This society we live in today is so far gone with their priorities and need to learn to put what’s truly valuable in front.  I know I need to too.  Let’s all do this together and pick this world back up to what it used to be in the good old days!  #morals #priorities #fridaynightrants #cornelwest #conviction I need to look up the definition to conviction!
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Definitely. Learning to go with the flow, but don’t ever knock what you believe.  Make yourself happy first and all else shall follow.
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Every time I do the mail at my job, I have to poop. Without fail, EVERYTIME!

Anonymous asked: I know you're trying to show a new side and not focus on the past, but don't forget that our past ultimately leads us to our present and future selves. Your blog is amazing, and it's made me laugh, think, and relate to in many situations. It'd be sad to see you go.

Yes you’re right, but I don’t need this to be around anymore. I can always leave the link to a new one if I do. I’m going to keep this open for a week and see how everyone reacts

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Anonymous asked: You're such an amazing, sexy guy who I have grown to really appreciate and have respect for over the years. I'm happy that you made a tumblr because you've entertained so many of us for so long and really kept us guessing. You seem to be such a great person with such an enriching view on life. You're awesome and I wish you nothing but the best in life. Thanks for always being a great source of contentment and entertainment for me for the past few years. This is a milestone in the tumblr world!

Awwww stoppppppp this is getting too real right now! You guys were there for me! Not the other way around! I’m glad I left a mark on the “Tumblr world” lol but I think you’re exaggerating just a bit. ;)

Anonymous asked: Best of luck to you, Gio. Now and in the future. Your tumblr followers will miss you, but we love you!

Short and sweet. I dig this man, thanks so much. I mean, it’s still up for debate but it’s more likely than not. I could still come back but the blog would be new. Represent who I am now as opposed to who I was. If you guys could think of another solution, that would be cool too. Maybe I’m missing something..

Anonymous asked: Ugh you're so sexy. Please don't delete your blog. Maybe just keep it up and not post so much? Or not post at all? Your blog is a great reference and tool when someone wants to go back and read some answers to questions that you've gotten in the past. You've helped me with a lot of life problems of my own without even knowing it.

Aww I’m glad I could help. I left it without posting for a long time and was only getting activity via reposts of some songs and pictures, but only recently did the anons come back. I would love to leave it open as a reference but honestly the thing is I’m trying to seal off my past, burn this bridge. It helped me for as long as it did, but I’m good now. I’m OK :)

Anonymous asked: I just re-watched all of your videos and now I'm so sad! I was around since way before they were even originally posted! You are so awesome and have one of the best blogs ever. I always looked forward to your posts. You have one of the best personalities and outlooks on life and I'm sure I speak for almost all of your followers when I say this.

Holy hell you have a lot of time on your hands! That’s fucking cool though, I never knew I had so many faithful followers. Thank you for the compliments! I really appreciate it :)

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Artsy fantasy sad face pic :( haha
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Incase you didn’t know this is Grayson,  my new new Nigga.
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Just going to leave this here because it reminds me of the days when I thought I was a model on Tumblr.  Lmfaooo  this was just a couple of days ago

Anonymous asked: I'm actually really sad to hear that you're deactivating your account. I agree with the other person! I've followed you since day one and you've always been one of my favorite people on here. Your posts and answers to your questions would always either make me laugh or give me a new perspective on life, depending on the topic. Thanks for being someone I looked up to and enjoyed these past few years! You will be missed.

Whoaaa… You guys are going to make me cry! What would be really cool actually, is if you posted these things off anon. Put a face to all of you wonderful people :)

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Watch "120812 030235" on YouTube

How to lead a stress free life!

My boy and I spitting some of that late night knowledge to your brain dawg! Lmao

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Watch "MVI 0014" on YouTube

Turn ons and turn offs and this was my first video. Lol I was so nervous